In Drasys Bio we love everything about bioreactors and bioprocessing. We have a unique passion in building bioreactors and serving our customers and partners but we also love working on novel bioreactor concepts and bringing them to life. When it comes to bioreactors we are ready to accept any challenge and we have succesfully deliver laboratory scale bioreactors, pilot stainless steel bioreactors, photobioreactors and we have modernize existing bioreactors as well.


Custom Laboratory Bioreactors

Transparent autoclavable vessels from 1L up to 5L for laboratory bioprocess developement

  1. Aerobic & anaerobic microbial fermentation and cell cultures.

  2. An optimal tool for bioprocess development & optimization for any laboratory

  3. Batch, fed-batch & continuous modes

  4. Customized devices from peristaltic pump to exit gas analyzers and sensors

  5. Customized control routines for CPPs  like dissolved oxygen, biomass feed profiles and more

Stainless Steel bioreactors

Scale up your bioprocess to pilot and small scale production level with our stainless steel bioreactors.

  1. 316L stainless steel with surface polishing option.

  2. Capability for chemical or steam sterilisation

  3. Process-based fluid dynamics characterisation and impeller optimisation

  4. For microbial & cell culture processes


Pilot photobioreactors are an essential tool for any laboratory conducting research on photosynthetic bioprocesses.

  1. Volume up to 50L per unit

  2. Optimum flat panel airlift design

  3. Batch, fed-batch and continuous modes available

  4. Illumination efficiency by design with a PPFD up to 500 μmol/m2s 4000K cool white LED unit

  5. Customization like a standard bioreactors

Available devices

We have integrated the important sensors and devices for monitoring critical process parameters and gas-liquid handling.

  1. Advanced sensors include: pH, optical DO, ORP, conductivity, dissolved CO2 and total cell density.

  2. Liquid handling with our custom made peristaltic pumps for  fixed or variable speed modes.

  3. Digital mass flow controllers for single or gas mix addition coupled necessary piping or tubing instrumentation

  4. Online exit gas analysis of O2 & CO2

Our bioreactor software

Every modern bioreactor must be a digital bioreactor. Our bioreactor software makes user life easier, experimental repeatability feasible and integrates with tools present in every modern laboratory.

  1. Parallel operation up to 12 bioreactors

  2. Project management & experimental planning

  3. Individual operation & maintenance routines for every device

  4. Parameter monitoring and data export in standard formats(.xls, .csv)

  5. Every device is included in our offers including modern computers, monitors, routers and necessary cabling

  6. On-line system updating.

We are looking forward to discussing your next project and we are by default interested in it. Contact us to arrange a meeting either cyber or physical.

Thank you!