Our bioreactor software

Project & Experimental Planning

All bioreactor & experiment functionality needed to perform succesfull experiments.

  • Create projects & design experiments.
  • Assign created experiments to bioreactors.
  • Customize bioreactor parameters & start your experiment.

Bioreactor Device Environment

No need to use 3rd party software tools for device handling. From pH & DO sensors and peristaltic pumps to Mass Flow Controllers you can perform all necessary functions and maintenance routines directly from our interface.

  • ¬†Calibration Routines
  • ¬†Device Handling & Maintenance routines for every device
  • ¬†Individual device control routines.

Monitoring & Export Experiments

Running a bioreactor is a nice thing

  • Customized parameter monitoring
  • Real time experimental editing for different growth & experimental phases
  • Data post-treatment with export to Microsoft Excel functionality
  • History batches & recipes for future use
  • Back up and data restoration.

Network based architecture

A network based architecture for your laboratory:

  • Up to 12 online operational bioreactors.
  • Remote systems updates & remote service.
  • All devices for proper installation and functioning are delivered by Drasys Bio including computers and network components.